The Toronto hip-hop community lost a real one last weekend, when 26-year-old Mississauga rapper Redway was one of three people killed in a car accident in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, August 1st. The tragic news was met with an outpouring of sympathy, including condolences from the likes of Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kardinal Offishall, Rich Kidd, Tre Mission, frequent collaborator WondaGurl, and countless other figures in the Toronto hip-hop scene.  A young talent left us far too soon, but if this overwhelming flood of admiration and respect is any indication, Redway's legacy will live on for years to come.

As Shane Redway’s family, friends, and fans work to process their grief, we bring you a heartfelt tribute from Redway’s close friend and fellow Mississauga native John River. On “BLVD,” River eulogizes his departed confidant, promising to continue to represent for their city in his memory.

Here’s what John River has to say about “BLVD,” and what his relationship with Redway means to him:

"The first time I met Redway, he spent 30 minutes breaking down the industry to me, then he drove me home. He was hilarious, way too blunt, and the most genuine a person could be. That's why 1000 people feel like they knew him so well, because to an extent they didhe made you feel that way. He couldn't make my last video shoot, but he came anyways when it was done, just to make sure it went well. I don't want this to be about me because honestly I'm only one person. I don't know if I'm the person to speak on behalf of his whole life, I just know if I died, he would have done the same for me. The last thing he told me, was that we had to put Mississauga on, side by side. That's exactly what I intend on doing. Maybe we just needed an angel to get it done. R.I.P. Redway."

Listen to “BLVD” below. Rest in power, Shane Redway.


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