Originally started with his late friend DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn's "Dubby" (from the Off That Loud EP due out Oct. 2) has taken on a life of its own now that Danny Brown put down his vocals to the track. The two always love to explore the crossover between footwork and jungle, and on "Dubby," Spinn and Rashad have plunged themselves headlong into the genre. Of all their productions, "Dubby" is possibly the most committed to jungle and breaks. That said, this is all punctuated with high-speed, jazzy guitars, frenetic footwork beats, and of course Danny's chant-a-long lyrics paying homage to Chicago and its footwork heritage.

The video splices together footage of various members of their friends and associates with futuristic graphics and trippy effects, balancing their collective love of art and street culture. This release is actually from DJ Spinn's debut EP for Hyperdub, so here's to hoping there'll be plenty more of this to come.