Remember HotBot? How about AltaVista? Did you ever look up “how to smoke weed” on AskJeeves? The ‘90s was like the Wild West for search engines, until Google came in and changed the game.And they’ve been untouchable ever since. Until now.

Let Me Drake That For You is a search engine that will tell you how anything—a person, place, thing, concept, lint-roller, etc.—relates to the boy Aubrey Graham. Simply type in your query, and after being greeted by a quick auditory Drake-ism, click “Drake Search,” and you’ll be presented with a selection of photos, videos, and websites relating to your search and the 6 God. Note that if you must click “I’m Feelin’ Drizzy,” do so at your own risk.

Here are some searches we thought you might find relevant:

Ok, we might have stumped it on that last one. In any case, we can all replace our Google bookmarks now, and anxiously await the release of OVO’s Google Glass equivalent. You can always thank its creator, Tyler Smith, on Twitter.