Vital statistics: Over nine million views for “Yayo” on YouTube, over three million plays for the “Yayo” remix on Soundcloud.

If there’s one thing to glean from “Yayo,” it’s that Memphis’ Snootie Wild has the ability to make bangers. The song’s snapping trap drums perfectly complement Wild’s mush mouthed melodies, combining for an anthemic and infectious ode to the dope game. As a song that very much sounds like a product of Southern hip-hop, “Yayo’s” eventual nationwide popularity was somewhat surprising simply because the South produces so much music that never receives nationwide acclaim. However, once the song received a high profile remix featuring French Montana, Fabolous, YG, and Jadakiss it’s status as one of the bigger rap hits of the year was cemented.

He followed up “Yayo” with the K-Camp featuring “Made Me,” which is technically a bigger Billboard hit, yet “Yayo” is still the song rap fans know best. While it might be tempting to say that Snootie’s future success might be more regional than national, it’s helpful to remember that in 2010 many thought Future’s career would end with “Tony Montana.” The two artists are obviously very different, but Snootie Wild would be well advised to follow the blueprint Future laid out in terms of becoming a national superstar.