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It's been a few months since the world has heard from Miami-based rapper Stitches, but he has finally made his reappearance on the scene, in quite a way that only Stitches could. During a recent show at a small club, Stitches was doing his thing, turning up while performing cuts from his catalog while the crowd mobbed along, forming a mosh pit for the majority of the show.

In his most famous song, "Brick in Yo Face," Stitches made it known that he is a fan of both selling, and using cocaine. Well, during this show (the 19:45 mark is when it gets crazy), Stitches set out to prove he was really about that life, inviting four girls onto the stage to literally do cocaine during his set. As he continued to bring the girls onto the stage, he once again reminded the crowd he was really about it, saying, "I got dope money, you think I'ma buy some fake s**t?"

While all of this seemed to please Stitches' fan base at the show, his wife (yes, Stitches is married) was not happy and was determined to shut down the concert while yelling in the background, "I'm gonna f**k that b***h up." At the end of the clip, a fan who was at the show explains what happened, and said that Stitches was "soft" and threw bags of flour into the crowd instead of actual cocaine. What a mess.

[via Death and Taxes]