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Adding a playful twist to the increasingly tired format of "haunting" or "moody" vocals over cold and soulless electronica, south London three-piece Dems may not be the most unique band in the world, but they certainly know how to revamp a flagging format. Sometimes, it only takes something small to breathe life into its failing carcass. And with that in mind, Dems do a rather good job of adding the simplest of flourishes to the formula, giving their latest track "Lioness" a slightly more whimsical and playful edge. Dan Moss' vocals flirt endlessly with melodrama, stopping just short each time, as his almost theatrical falsetto adds some levity and goes a long way to avoiding the perils of campness. Dems' debut LP, Muscle Memory, is out on November 3. You can stream "Lioness" in full below.

[via ABEANO]