In theaters today is Get On Up, which focuses on the life on the legendary James Brown. He was a true pioneer in the funk sound, and is known worldwide as "The Godfather of Soul." While Complex Music put you onto James Brown tracks that hip-hop fans should know, we wanted to give you something different. They let the world know about Clyde Stubblefield, who was on the drums for James Brown's "Funky Drummer," which contains some Stubblefield licks that became the backbone of plenty of hip-hop tracks during an important era. The "Funky Drummer" breakbeat also had an impact on the dance music scene, possibly bridging from the love of hip-hop that many electronic music producers share.

From the early '90s hardcore days throughout most of the jungle and drum & bass scene, as well as being used in the breaks/breakbeat scene, the "Funky Drummer" has been a staple. Everyone from Moby to Machinedrum has utilized some part of the track, and we have a feeling that as more producers dive into using throwback tracks, these breaks will re-emerge once again. Here are 20 great uses of the "Funky Drummer" breakbeat.

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