We know what you're thinking: There are too many rappers these days, too many releases to keep up with. Every week there's some new dude you gotta check out. "Hey man, have you heard this new kid from Atlanta?" "Yo this new dude has been like the hottest kid in the city for like the last 12 minutes." "Some guy who is totally a tastemaker that you never heard of says this new rapper is gonna be the next to blow." "Yo, you gotta check this kid out." And then, even when you find someone you like, they just hit you with so much music it's hard to tell if you should listen to their pre-album mixtape or the mixtape that made them hot or their lackluster album that sucked because they wasted all their good songs on their mixtapes. 

There's no reason to feel bad because trust us, no one could possibly keep up with everyone and every release. However, we do feel bad for the slept on rappers who—for whatever reason—don't get the props they deserve. This doesn’t just go for new rappers either—hip-hop is very “What have you done for me lately” and some of the biggest names from a few years ago are still dope but no longer have the same hype. So, if you're looking for some rappers that might actually be worth your time, or some names you've maybe seen but have overlooked, check out The 13 Most Underrated Rappers Right Now

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