Favorite Song: "My new favorite Eminem song hands down is "So Much Better." It's pretty much perfect. Every line is clear as day, his perspective on bitches is amazing, and the melody and cadence is spot on. On some nerdy MC shit, he spazed on this new album lyrically. I can't pick which one he killed the most but theres lines in every record that are rewind worthy."

Favorite Album: "My favorite album is super hard to pick, but The Marshall Mathers LP is probably my favorite. It has classics like 'The Way I Am,' 'Stan' and 'Criminal.' But honestly, my current favorite is MMLP2. That's no shit, I'm really enjoying this album. I do love the The Slim Shady LP too. Fuck ya'll for asking me, dudes got a lot of dope songs spread out over the past 10 plus years. A lot of classics."

Favorite Moment: "My favorite moment is when he dropped M&Ms or some shit out of his pockets when he was called to accept an award. He said he forgot his thank yous, then mooned the entire planet when he walked off stage. I'm a fan man, ya'll favorite moments and albums are just like mine. I was watching just like the rest of the world and I'm honored to be here now. So congrats CARcKer DICK. You're still the illest!! - White Dog."