Album: La Dona
Producer: Teena Marie

There is one 48-year-old white woman on the face of the planet who can sing the lines, "Things are getting heated, let's go chill/I'm about to be in yo grill/Sexy, jumping, blazing now's the time/My crib is closer on the West Side/Now you got a sister fiending baby please/I'm about to be your main squeeze," and that 48-year-old white woman was Teena Marie.

Quick history lesson: Marie was the "Ivory Queen of Soul" in the '70s, a protégé of Rick James', the highest-selling white artist in the history of Motown, and the voice behind such blue-eyed soul classics like "I'm a Sucker for Your Love," "Square Biz," "Lovergirl," and "Ooh La La La." She'd been out of the music spotlight for 10 years in 2004 when she re-emerged signed to Cash Money (yes, that Cash Money) and picked up a Grammy nomination for "I'm Still in Love."

As you'd expect from a Baby-intro'ed, Al Green-sampling Cash Money song by a middle-aged white lady, it's a piece of cross-generational mash-up awesomeness, anchored, of course, by Marie's soulful soprano (if not by her raps). It was one of those "WTF?" moments that became a "Damn, why didn't someone think of that before?" Sadly, Marie passed away in 2010, before she was able to knock the earth off its orbit by collaborating with Drake. R.I.P. Lady Tee. —Jack Erwin