Age: 20
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Active Since: 2011
Label: N/A
Twitter Handle: @vincestaples 

Essential Listening: Stolen Youth
Pros: Smart, complex lyricism.
Cons: His music might feel too dark and cold for certain listeners.

You may have first heard Vince's voice on the song "epaR," from Earl Sweatshirt's Earl mixtape. He's interesting to have on an Earl track, specifically, because they both come through with such a lyrical bent that distinguishing between them can sometimes be a subtle endeavor. Vince, though, has actually put out much more music than Earl, and has created his own lane, tackled new subjects, and curated a signature style. He tends toward the more traditional method of working with a single producer for an entire project (e.g. Winter In Prague with Michael Uzowuru and Stolen Youth with Mac Miller), which bodes well for his ability to put out cohesive work in the general future.

Vince's music is quite cold, and rarely does he give you a glimpse of anything that isn't, so in that way, he may never reach the fun-craving masses. The California rapper makes clever, high-concept, lyrically complex records that will continue to appeal to...people who enjoy clever, high-concept, lyrically complex records. —Alexander Gleckman

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