Age: Key! - 22, Curtis Williams - 22, Johnny (Jesus Munchies) - 23, DavE - 24, Ceej - 23, Jace - 24, DJ Osh Kosh - 22
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Active Since: 2009
Label: N/A
Twitter Handle: @Two9 

Essential Listening: A Two9 Christmas  
Pros: Have the talent and potential to make many different types of music. 
Cons: Lack the one superstar that has pushed groups like A$AP Mob or Odd Future to the forefront. 

Atlanta rap crew Two9's dynamic is definitely similar to recently successful groups like Odd Future or A$AP Mob. The 9 person crew consists of multiple groups, two bonafide solo acts, and a creatively inclined designer/stylist. While the make up of the group might be familiar, the music certainly isn't. Different members of Two9 make music that's wonderfully removed from one another. Retro Su$hi!, made up of members Ceej and Jace, boasts a more throwback classically southern sound while FatKidsBrotha credits their inspirations as old west coast and backpack rap. And when the group works together with headman Curtis Williams, they produce another style entirely. The group's excellent A Two9 Christmas, with its high-powered collaborations (Ludacris, Mike Will Made It), has them poised to be the next big thing out of Atlanta. —Max Goldberg