Age: 20
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Active Since: 2013
Label: N/A
Twitter Handle: @TheDillonCooper 

Essential Listening: Cozmik
Pros: Talented, charismatic, and makes a type of '90s throwback hip-hop that is regaining popularity.
Cons: Is there room for another Joey Bada$$? 

When an MC offers their take on a classic record, the result is often underwhelming. That's why Dillon Cooper's excellent "Ms. Jackson" cover is a testament to how special the young Brooklyn MC really is. The song is just one of the standouts on his new mixtape, Cozmik. His flow, beat choice, and content place him clearly in the new neo-90s rap style that his fellow Brooklynite Joey Bada$$ rode to success last year. The rapper has an innate charisma, as seen in his "State of Elevation" video. While the Joey Bada$$ link has been made by many, and has the dangerous possibility of pigeonholing the rapper, it also speaks to how strong of an impression the young MC has already made. Considering how competitive this lane is right now, it says a lot that he's managed to stand out so suddenly. —Max Goldberg