Body count: 4
Best threat: "I got blood on my hands and there's no remorse/And got blood on my dick cause I fucked a corpse"
Album: Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood
Producer: P. Killer Trackz
Label: Ruff Ryders, Def Jam

There’s no such thing as a DMX song that isn’t violent in some way, but this particular effort stands out in particular with a reference to necrophilia in the second line, before moving onto splitting wig pieces with machetes and tearing open rib cages. Am I the only one who finds X referring to a whole crew as, “being a bigger piece of cake to chew a hole through” as being bizarre, even by Dark Man X standards? Nevertheless, his willingless to single-handedly take on as many goons as you can throw at him is impressive, as are threats to "paint the walls with his blood/another dick in the mud" if anyone dares step to him. Not to mention that the line, "figured you could blow me?" is ripe for misinterpretation in amongst the constant bloodshed.