Body count: 1
Best threat: "Tell him to bite the curb then kick till it's heard/Read the papers nerd, stepfather massacred"
Album: Movies For the Blind
Producer: DJ Mighty Mi
Label: Eastern Conference

Another day, another crazy white boy rapper dude. If you've ever wondered why there has been such a long history of white-on-white crime in the rap community, it's simply because they're all claiming to be the first one to adopt the "insane in the brain" MC style. This "revenge fantasy" focuses on ways to kill an unwanted stepfather: "Three in the chest, I saw him drop/the only time that I ever called him pop/two in his back while he's dead on the ground/one more in the head because he made a little sound." DJ Mighty Mi's demented backing track conjures visions of a demented fairground theme with better drums, setting the stage for Cage to voice his murderous intentions for his mother's new husband. Still no sign of the biopic starring his pal Shia LaBeouf, though.