Producer: Tony Dofat, Kenny Kornegay

It was the era of baseball jerseys, backwards ballcaps and Timberland boots, and Mary rocked the around-the-way-girl fashions with more style than anybody. When she sang, it had the same kind of off-the-block swagger. This wasn't her only song to use a Biz Markie loop (See also: "Changes I've Been Going Through"). "You Don't Have To Worry" flips Biz Markie's lighthearted hit "The Vapors," but Mary J's tale of a relationship gone wrong gives the song a completely different subtext. The song is almost therapeutic in its mantra-like repetition of the title, as its main character confidently assures her ex-lover (and herself?) that he's burned his last bridge. —David Drake

Inspiration: Biz Markie "The Vapors" (1988)

Producer: Marley Marl