The history of R&B is filled with smooth-talking, well-dressed playboys and dolled-up beauties with million-dollar voices. Underneath the glamorous sheen though, as we saw with our Rock Fails list and our Hip-Hop Fails list, there's certain elements that transcend genres and almost always lead to artists finding themselves in compromising positions. Human nature is human nature at the end of the day.

Some of these transcendent elements include the ego that comes with being worshiped by large amounts of people, the easy access to drugs, groupies, and alcohol, and now with the digital age, the prevalence of social media and camera phones. So as we look at The 50 Worst R&B Fails, expect affairs to be had, bad outfits to be worn, drugs to be abused, underwhelming albums to be created, and sometimes, unfortunately, a bit of domestic abuse. It's not always about baby-making music. Sometimes someone gets pee'd on...

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