On "Peter Piper," Run-D.M.C. rapped about Jam Master Jay being "the big bad wolf in your neighborhood/Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good." Well, this list is about rap lyrics that are so, so bad, they're good: bad meaning bad, but bad also meaning good.

With Future's "Karate Chop" blanketing the airwaves, we were inspired by a distinctly "bad"—but entertaining—verse from Casino, from the rapper's Freebandz crew.

Imagine a rap universe where the regular rules of quality lyricism don't apply. All that matters is that you want to hear the verse again. Maybe it's embarrassing for the artist, maybe it isn't; the important thing is that it breaks the rules of what makes a verse "good." It tries not to rhyme. There's a weird sense of rhythm. The lyrics are uniquely empty. But they still get stuck in your head.

This is a world where the most important value isn't skill, or technique, or wit. Instead, we seek what is distinctive, singular, and memorable. This isn't a list of the worst verses; it's a list of the best verses that, by typical standards, are really, really bad: The Best Terrible Rap Verses.

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