It's hard to imagine where the drum & bass landscape would be without Goldie's Metalheadz imprint. From the mid-1990s through today, he's had the knack for not only establishing a sound, but finding the right producers to help elevate the label's distinct vibe higher than those who'd graced the label previously. In the early days, legends ike Doc Scott, Grooverider, Ed Rush, Dillinja, and Adam F had passed through, and the releases following theirs continued down the Metalheadz path. Getting a track signed by Metalheadz can be seen as a badge of honor for most drum & bass producers; you'd officially made it, and your prowess has been certified.

In looking back at Metalheadz history, the idea isn't to just throw together the "best." The bar has been set to high for anything to be released on Metalheadz to be considered "bad." There have been tracks that helped mold the label, tunes that you could see as landmarks that helped shift the way the dnb scene as a whole moved. If you wanted to chart the Metalheadz path, use these 25 tracks as your beacons. From 1995 through today, here are 25 essential Metalheadz tracks.

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