Producer: Eminem
Album: Cheers
Label: Shady, Interscope

Although they have an extensive collaborative history, this was one of the last examples of an Eminem and 50 Cent record where both artists are at the top of their game. At the time this record dropped, Eminem had yet to go through his rehab stints, and 50's CDs were still flying off the shelves. Obie Trice tried his best to keep up, and Lloyd Banks dropped one of his funniest lines ("They say you live by the gun, you die by the gun/If that's the case, then buy a bigger one") before 50 Cent closed the show. But none of that mattered: It was 2003, and when Eminem went off, there was nothing to do but stand back, watch him tear it down, and then sweep up the dust of Source covers burned on stage. Insanul Ahmed

Best Verse: Eminem