Heltah Skeltah f/ O.G.C. "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka" (1996)

Produced by: Buckshot & Baby Paul

Sean Price: “That was fluke. Well, not a fluke, but it was an accident. We used to play this game. We were in my crib smoking. Me, Rob, and Starang were [playing] a Sega Genesis game called Coach K College Basketball where you could shatter the backboard. Starang broke the backboard on me and yelled, ‘Eshkoshka!’ We don’t know what that shit means, he just yelled it, and we started laughing at him.

“When we signed our deal [with Duck Down] and Dru Ha moved into the new offices at Priority. The first day we all went up there one of the Da Beatminerz drops some beats off. I was in there talking, he played the beat, and the shit was cool. Starang literally walked in there and said, ‘Ay, carumba/Starang, gun clappa number.’ We went to the studio the next night.

“Me and Starang wrote our verses together at my crib and we went to the studio and knocked that shit out. And I just said, ‘The name of this here is Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka.’ I just said that shit, I don’t even know what it means. There’s no meaning to it. It means absolutely nothing. We were just bugging the fuck out.

“People thought the Fab 5 was gonna be a group. It’s not really a group, it was just the introduction to the new artists that were on the label. People were like, ‘Where’s the album?’ We were like, ‘There’s no album. There’s two groups.’ But it had took a life of it’s own.”