Producer: KLC
Album: Ghetto D
Label: No Limit

There isn't a cut on this list that better captures a whirlwind of pure, untethered energy than "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" Combining No Limit's murderer's row of rap talent with KLC's compulsive groove—New Orleans piano bounce-meets-race car sound effects—results in a track with unparalleled momentum.

Standout bars come courtesy of No Limit first lady Mia X and Fiend ("exercising this right of exorcism, bustin' out the Expedition!"). Even Silkk's off-kilter aggression serves the track's purpose. But it's Mystikal's cleanup verse that makes "Make Em Say Uhh!" a truly legendary posse cut; the rapper's energy is held in check by his absolute control, a tension that threatens to send the song careening off the hinges at any moment. David Drake

Best Verse: Mystikal