Station: WBLS
DJ: Mr. Magic
Best Punchline: "You wear your white flag in a call to surrender/Sucker MCs posin' as contenders/I'll write you off and back home I send ya.” (MC Delite)

With beat boxing courtesy of Wise-O (a.k.a. the Human Mix Machine)—who perfectly mimicked the bassline from Marva Whitney's “It's My Thing”—Daddy-O, Frukwan and MC Delite shut down Mr. Magic's classic Rap Attack show.

Back in the mid-80s, hip-hop on the radio was very rare, so to hear a cutting-edge rap group using such advanced sonic techniques was pretty much a revolutionary concept. Stet repped their various neighborhoods and boroughs, and showcased this new form of music in a relentlessly positive and fun light.