Station: Radio 1
DJ: Tim Westwood
Best Punchline: "Try me, die G, dangerous/Since my daddy bust me out the tip of his dick/Biggie Smalls was the wickedest shit."

Back when the B.I.G. Mack campaign was in full effect, hip-hop's Bad Boys jetted to the United Kingdom to promote their albums and plug a few parties—all while “Doing their thing and keeping it real.”

Craig Mack, Biggie and Puff Daddy hit Tim Westwood's show and showed just why they were the hottest new thing in hip-hop. And this was probably the first time anyone in the world heard Puff Daddy rap without that awful gruff growl he displayed on Supercat's “Dolly My Baby” remix.

While it's apparent that the threesome were rather intoxicated, the always colorful Biggie Smalls didn't disappoint—and surely offended a few people with his “I'm Jesus' Pops, Mary just blamed Joseph,” line, as well as complementing the Virgin Mary on her fellatio skills.