Producer: Just Blaze
Album: Fishscale Sampler
Label: Def Jam

When it comes to the best shit-talkers, MCs and boxers are at the top of the list. That's probably because your confidence level has to be off the charts in these combat sports. Pound-for-pound Top 10 producer Just Blaze laced Ghostface with a barn burner for "The Champ." As often is the case, though, complications arose, and a revamped version (minus the Mickey and Clubber Lang Rocky III quotables) ended up on Fishcale. Presented here is the original take that features a rearranged order of verses and some of the floss that was stripped off the final version.

"Yo, who want to battle the Don?," Ghost challenges. "I'm James Bond in the octagon with two razors/Betcha y'all didn't know I had a fake arm/I lost it, wild and raw before rap, I was gettin' it on/Took a fat nigga out in like 40 seconds." But he ain't done: "Niggas want me dead but they scared to step to me/Rip they guts out like a hysterectomy," he raps, finishing up with the boast, "IBF WBC Cruiserweight title shots, rap belts belong to D.C." Dennis Coles is ducking nobody.

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