Producer: RZA
Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Label: Loud

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) blasts out the gate with not so much a song but a recreation of a war zone. RZA took the concept of back-in-the-day banging-on-the-school-lunchroom-table and substituted shell-shocked sound effects in its place, then released a gang of famished beasts from their cages to eat up the minimal track of horror. The MCs show no mercy ("Wu-Tang slang'll leave your headpiece hangin'," warns Deck), demonstrating that a don't-give-a-fuck attitude played a major part in the group's genetic makeup. Listen close to when Ghost appears out of nowhere and starts rapping—it sounds like a bad edit. But you know what? It fits the rawness of the W sound.