Gorillaz' free Christmas iPad album will be titled The Fall: While Damon Albarn is clearly an eccentric musical genius, even we weren't aware he could go this far: while on the road in the U.S., the Gorillaz frontman wrote a new album... on his iPad. And if that weren't insane enough, he's giving it away for free on Christmas. Hey, Damon, what next? A cartoon band?! [LINK]

Trent Reznor chats with Tavis Smiley: How does Trent Reznor celebrate a Golden Globe nomination? How about by sitting down on Tavis Smiley's La-Z-Boy and hurling insults at the Grammys? We haven't seen a more bizarre interview than that one time Marilyn Manson was on The Montel Williams Show. [LINK]

Eminem to star in boxing film, Southpaw: We all know Eminem can play himself in the movies, but how well can he play a prize fighter? Well, we'll get our chance to see Rabbit in the ring when Mr. Mathers stars in Southpaw, a film where he'll play a "a welterweight boxer who tries to pull his career out of a tailspin after early successes lead to personal tragedy." So, like Relapse but with more sanctioned fights? [LINK]

Das Racist denied entry into UK, detained for eight hours: If you were wondering why Das Racist never made it to their December 13 gig in London, it's because the group was held for eight hours and barred entry into the UK for—and this is their words—their "POLITICAL VIEWS!" It probably didn't have anything to do with the hipster clothes and ounce of hash, right? [LINK]

New R.E.M. song, "Discoverer": Forget that pack of gum or lotto tickets. Here's the best stocking stuffer ever: a new R.E.M. song and a March 8 release date for their LP, Collapse Into Now. For the price of an email address, you can even get your very own copy. Best Christmas ever! [LINK]

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