2 Chainz is one of rap’s most respected artists, but have you really made it if fans are bootlegging your albums?

On Wednesday, the rapper formerly referred to as Tity Boi took to Instagram where he shared a video of a man in the gas station. While the person filming the video is at the counter, he stumbles across a few copies of 2 Chainz’s latest album, So Help Me God! After being informed that the album would only cost him $3.99 (a steal when compared to the near $14 the album costs at authorized retailers), the man decided to keep things on-brand by buying 2 copies.

It’s been a minute since people have seen a solid bootleg since the rise of streaming and digital downloads made CDs (much less fake DC) obsolete. But, having someone go to these lengths to have your project available to customers speaks to how much this artist means to their fans. As a result, 2 Chainz didn’t take offense to them pirating his music. Instead, he laughed it off as the harmless act it is. 

“Bootleg Toni,” 2 Chainz captioned the video with a laughing emoji.

Chainz released So Help Me God! in November 2020. The album is highlighted by singles like “Quarantine Thick” featuring Big Latto and “Grey Area.”