After a brief delay, 2 Chainz’s new album, So Help Me God!, has arrived.

Speaking about the album title in an interview with Complex a few weeks ago, he explained, “So Help Me God! has a couple of meanings for me. Obviously, it’s an oath that people take when they are in a high office. And so for me, one of the oaths that I would like to take this year—especially since we’ve been in such a fucking trashy year—is to come out of it being a better husband, father, friend, musician, and artist, all around the board. But at the same time, So Help Me God! could be like a threat. Like, I know I’m one of the illest to do this, ‘so help me God.’” 

With confidence, he added, “When it comes to this music, and putting together these projects, and coming up with concepts, and marketing ideas, me and my team are some of the best ones to ever do it.”

Now that the album is here, did it live up to the high standard 2 Chainz set for himself? Is it better than his last album, Rap Or Go to the League? How good is the guest verse from Kanye? Before heading into the weekend, the Complex team put together a list of first impressions and takeaways, which you can find below.