Within less than 24 hours of the new Canada’s Most Wanted list being published, its top suspect was arrested. 

An anonymous tip—likely prompted by the hefty $250,000 reward for the suspect’s capture—led to Abilaziz Mohamed, 32, being arrested on Tuesday evening. The new list was originally made public on Tuesday morning.

His crime, you ask? Getting a little too heated at Boston Pizza

While watching a Leafs game at a Scarborough location of the restaurant on Oct. 13, 2021, Mohamed got into an argument with 43-year-old Craig MacDonald, according to police. After the game, Mohamed allegedly waited for MacDonald in the parking lot and shot him to death. 

Mohamad faces one count of first-degree murder, and appeared in court via video link at 1911 Eglinton Avenue East on Wednesday morning.

“We hope this provides a small amount of closure for the victim’s family,” Toronto Police Chief James Ramer said according to CP24. “We work proudly and effectively with our BOLO partners and this successful arrest sends a clear message to those who continue to evade justice—you will be found.”

The new crown-holding suspect on the Canada’s Most Wanted list is Gene Karl Lahrkamp, 26, who killed 32-year-old Jimi Sandhu in Thailand in February. There is an $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest, and he is considered armed and dangerous. 

12 out of 25 names on the new Canada’s Most Wanted list have ties to Toronto, according to CP24. Find the whole list on the Bolo Program website.