On Sunday, a Texas woman was arrested because she accidentally burned part of her and her neighbor’s homes (which were both part of a duplex) after setting a bible on fire, according to investigators

The San Antonio Fire Department responded to the scene at 7:30 a.m. Witnesses claim that the fire, which caused around $150,000 in damages according to estimates, began after she burned a bible in her own backyard. The fire then spread from the book to her home to a neighbor’s back wall.

“I ran out, tried to use my water hose to kind of spread it off and make sure it didn’t get to my sister’s house,” said a next door neighbor to local Fox affiliate KABB.

That person had been alerted to the problem by the woman banging on his front door. “The lady came and knocked on the door banged on the doors and says, oh, fire it’s on fire,” he added.

Nobody was injured, but the fire led to five dogs having to be temporarily sent to an animal shelter until they can find a place to live. Also one of the residents lost their medication to the blaze. 

Charges are yet to be filed, but the woman was taken into custody.