Florida Woman Sets Fire to Roommate for Throwing Out Her Spaghetti and Meatballs

Not worth it at all.

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A Florida woman was arrested this week for setting her roommate on fire during a dispute over food. 

According to Bay News 9, Melissa Dawn Sellers, 33, got into argument with Carlos Ortiz, Jr. at their Clearwater, Fla. home yesterday morning because he threw out her spaghetti and meatballs. The two had been drinking, and Sellers flew into a drunken rage after making the discovery, pouring nail polish remover on the 42-year-old and lighting him on fire. 

Ortiz's friend, Ines Causevic,  told Bay News 9 that she doused him with water in an attempt to put out the fire, adding that "his face [was] melting off." 

Ortiz is being treated for burns to his face, chest, and shoulders at Tampa General Hospital. Sellers, who fled the scene, was arrested after returning and charged with aggravated battery. 

[via Bay News 9]

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