Multiple injuries have been reported in what is believed to be the largest shooting in the history of Providence, Rhode Island.

According to the Providence Journal, the shooting began at early Thursday night in the southeastern neighborhood of Washington Park. Local authorities arrived at the scene shortly before 7 p.m., and confirmed a total of nine people had been wounded, three of whom are in critical condition.

Police Chief Col. Hugh T. Clements Jr. said the incident was part of an ongoing feud between two groups of people who are known to authorities. Officers say they believe the shooting began when a group of assailants pulled up to a home and opened fire, prompting people inside the residence to fire back. Authorities said it appears dozens of shots were fired, an estimation that was based on the number of shell casings found on the ground.

“These are groups that we are familiar with,” Clements said. “This is not random. It was targeted at that address.”

Though he didn’t provide any details on what may have sparked the shootout, the chief estimates about four to five guns were involved. He also confirmed investigators were interviewing the victims who were receiving treatment at the hospital. The involved parties have not been identified, but are said to be between the ages of 19 and 25.

“It’s unfortunate that young men in this community have no regard for life at times,” Clements said. “They fire the guns willingly at each other, which is the case here. So very disappointing.” 

Clements said the investigation is in its early stages, and officers have yet to make any arrests.