A Milwaukee man has been sentenced to 205 years in prison for the fatal shooting of five of his own family members back in April 2020. 

Prior to his sentencing on Tuesday, Christopher Stokes did not provide an explanation for his gruesome actions, but he did say he must be full of hate. The 44-year-old Stokes also told a Milwaukee County Circuit Court that he wasn’t looking for leniency and that he deserved to be sent to prison. 

On April 27, 2020, police found the five family members shot to death in a Milwaukee home. The deceased were reported as: 41-year-old Teresa Thomas, 16-year-old Tiera Agee, 14-year-old Demetrius Thomas, 19-year-old Marcus Stokes and 17-year-old Lakeitha Stokes.

Agee and Thomas were the children of Teresa. 

The only person who was spared was a three-year-old grandchild of Stokes, with prosecutors saying that the child saw the shootings and asked for Stokes not to hurt him. 

At roughly 10:30 a.m. on the same date, Stokes phoned in his own crime and told dispatchers that he “just massacred” his family. 

Stokes had several previous convictions that included: felony battery, felony bail jumping, and felony intimidation of a witness, among others.

His 205-year sentence was made up of five 40-year punishments for each of the first-degree reckless homicide charges he had pleaded guilty to. The other five years were added for illegally possessing a gun as a convicted felon.