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It’s the Fourth of July, which means Joey Chestnut has reigned supreme yet again. 

The hotdog-eating champ took home first place at this year’s Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island—his 14th victory over the last 15 competitions. Chestnut ate a record 76 hotdogs in 10 minutes, taking home the Mustard Belt and beating out second-place competitor Geoffrey Esper, who gulped down 50. 

“This is what I love. I love eating in front of people and they love pushing me,” Chestnut told ESPN. “I’m just a guy that eats hot dogs and have fun. I’m just so happy to be doing this.”

Throughout his career at the contest, the frank-eating athlete has consumed 1,089 hot dogs, 30 of which he ate in the first three minutes of this year’s eat-off. This year’s 76 franks beats out Joey’s record of 75 at last year’s event, which had no fans in attendance. 

The women’s competition was won by Michelle Lesco who ate 30¾ hot dogs. The previous champ Miki Sudo sat out because she is pregnant.