We’re all guilty of quoting lines about money.

Whether those lines come from music, movies, TV, or elsewhere, they’ve become part of our lexicon, so much so that we might not even recognize their origins. And it makes sense. Money is something we talk about constantly, so of course pop culture has given us a seemingly endless collection of phrases through which to express our desire for it, disillusionment with it, and disdain for what is a rigged system altogether.

Some—like, say, Drake, channeling Jelleestone and singing, “Money can’t buy me happiness”—are pretty empty, though memorable. Others are platitudes—think, “Money is the root of all evil.” But plenty offer a kernel of truth, sometimes of the capital-T variety. Which is why we’ve compiled the list you’ll find below.

Over the past few weeks, through our Get Money initiative, we’ve published pieces on clothing resale, the resurgent trading card industry, exotic portfolios, and the cost of streaming television. The idea was to demystify money and empower our audience to make educated decisions about it. 

These quotes—drawn from across pop culture—speak to the same ideas. This is by no means an exhaustive list of lines about money, but we’ve collected 25 that resonate with us. Some are insightful, others just clever, but they’re all quotes our staff has likely dropped in conversation at some point. And we (probably) didn’t feel any type of way about it.

Here, in no particular order, are 25 iconic quotes about money.