A large Grizzly bear, which was probably defending a moose carcass at the time, mauled and killed a Montana backcountry guide. The incident, which was announced by officials on Monday, happened just outside of Yellowstone National Park.

Carl Mock died on Saturday, just two days after he was attacked while fishing in a forested section on the Madison River. 

Mock was able to manage a call to 911 after this happened. It was reported that he “suffered significant scalp and facial wounds” and that responding parties had to search for 50 minutes before they found him. A dead moose was found about 50 yards from where the attack happened. 

With a toboggan and snowmobile, Mock was taken to an ambulance. 

Mock had been a guide for Backcountry Adventures, a company that rents out snowmobiles and gives tours of Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas. 

A GoFundMe that intended to pay off his medical bills was set up the day after the attack.

“Carl has such passion for outdoors, hiking, fishing, photography, and is a beloved guide to countless visitors in Yellowstone,” the fundraising page said. “He is a hard-working guy with an infectious smile. He is a loyal friend that would help any of us however he could. We have created this fundraiser to help our friend in a time of need.”

An update said that Mock died on Saturday from a stroke, which was a surprise because two previous surgeries following the attack had gone well. 

When he was attacked he had bear spray, a Mace-like spray that can discourage bears, but it’s not clear if he was able to use it. 

The bear believed to be responsible for the attack was shot and killed on Friday. A group of game wardens and investigators said that it charged them before it was shot.