United Flooded With Hilarious New Motto Suggestions After Forcing Passenger Off Flight

United Airlines is really bad at PR. Thankfully, everyone else is apparently really good at it.

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Jimmy Kimmel's suggestion for a new United Airlines motto was pretty perfect, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the patriotic brainstorming that's currently in progress on Twitter. United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, in an unparalleled act of CEO fuckery, told everyone he was sorry for "having to re-accommodate" the passenger who was dragged off the overbooked flight.

In response, new United Airlines motto ideas are rolling in:

Perhaps United will scoop up one of these suggestions. In the meantime, let us continue to marvel at United's PR strategy. Munoz, as explained to CNN Money Tuesday by public relations experts, should have eschewed the "re-accommodate" nonsense in favor of a full-on apology. "The apology by the CEO was, at best, lukewarm or, at worst, trying to dismiss the incident," Rupert Younger, a PR expert from Oxford University, said. "The CEO should make a better, more heartfelt, more meaningful, and more personal apology."

In an email to United employees Monday night, Munoz doubled down. "I emphatically stand behind all of you," Munoz said in the email, obtained by CNBC. United crew members, Munoz claimed, "were left with no choice" but to call in Chicago Aviation Security Officers to remove the paying customer from the flight. Following public backlash, one of those officers has reportedly been placed on leave.

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