If laughing is something you're into, then you've probably already watched Dave Chappelle's pair of new Netflix specials approximately 400 times since they hit the streaming service Tuesday. For those holding off on peeping them, here's a spoiler: They're both really fucking good great. In celebration of their release, Chappelle stopped by a late-night show hosted by a comedian who's nowhere near as funny as he is.

After joking that "money" was the reason he decided to hit Netflix with so many specials at once, Chappelle walked Jimmy Kimmel through the process of filming and ultimately selling the hourlong sets. "I just started making them," he said Tuesday night. "I made them, and then I shelved them, and then [Netflix] bought them." Asked if he worried that releasing previously shelved material might result in a less timely comedic experience, Chappelle explained why he didn't really sweat such a thing.

"No," Chappelle said. "It's like, I don't get mad at a photograph because it's not today. They're a fair representation of the night they were shot. The thing is, things have changed so rapidly now, and the way things people listen to things changed so rapidly, so maybe I was a little worried but not enough to not put 'em out."

Kimmel also tried to get a confirmation out of Chappelle about the rumored $60 million he bagged as part of his Netflix deal, which also includes a third special expected to be released later this year. Though Chappelle didn't really confirm or deny the $60 million figure, he did offer some hilarious insight. "I learned from the last time," he said. "I just learned, you know, I would rather people didn't know, but I kinda don't care."