Investigation Launched After Doctors Seen on Instagram Playing 'Price Is Right'-Inspired Game During Operation

In a statement to Complex, a rep for Spectrum Health system in Michigan confirmed that an investigation was underway into the bizarre incident.


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A mid-operation game involving a patient’s organ and fibroid tissue is at the heart of a new investigation in Michigan.

As first entered into the news cycle by Susan Samples via a regional WOOD-TV report, this inarguably batshit story kicked off with a number of doctors having allegedly posted operating room photos to Instagram in which an organ from one patient was displayed. In another post, a patient’s fibroid tissue was seen.

More specifically, a doctor is seen in a photo posing with such tissue in his hand while the patient in question is seemingly still on the operating table. As for the organ-focused post, it is said to have been originated with a cancer-related procedure.

In comments shared alongside one of the photos, the person who posted them briefly explained the “game” they play in the operating room. According to the poster, the game is a weight-guessing exercise.

“As always, Price Is Right rules apply so if you go over then you’re out,” the poster said, noting that this “guess that weight” tactic applies to “much more than just babies.” 

Though the now-removed Instagram page was not formally connected with the Spectrum Health integrated health system in Grand Rapids, the posts are said to have originated from a group of OB/GYN residents who are in specialty training and are reported to technically be Spectrum employees.

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In a statement included in Samples’ report over the weekend, a rep for Spectrum said the team was “disappointed” to find out about these images. Per the rep, steps are now being taken to resolve the problem, including a full investigation into what the hell happened.

When reached via email for additional comment on Monday, a spokesperson for Spectrum offered the following:

“At Spectrum Health, the trust patients place in us and the confidentiality of their medical information are paramount. Equally important are our values and our core behaviors. We strive to treat everyone with compassion, dignity and respect.

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