Burglars Stole $250K in Cash From Atlanta’s Onyx Strip Club by Cutting Hole Into Roof

Sources connected to the club say the heist was caught by multiple surveillance cameras.

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Thieves are getting craftier these days.

According to WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, two thieves made off with a hefty amount of cash from the infamous Onyx Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta, Georgia with the help of some power tools.

The burglary reportedly occurred around 4:15 a.m. on Monday when the two suspects, wearing white ski masks and gloves, cut a hole into the roof and made their way into the business. They used power tools to break into the safes and stole $250,000.

Anonymous sources connected to the strip club told Channel 2’s Michael Seiden station that the heist was recorded on “multiple” surveillance cameras. The burglars were also recorded leaving the premises just before 6 a.m., but their escape route was not specified in the report.

If Onyx in ATL rings a bell, it’s because it’s the same strip club Drake showed up to last September with a large plastic bin full of stacks of cash while he was in town for his It’s All a Blur Tour

A quick glance at Onyx’s Instagram page shows that business is continuing as usual. The club declined to comment on the incident to Channel 2. Atlanta Police told the network that an investigation is ongoing but declined to add further details.

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