Exclusive: Celebrity Jeweler Alex Todd Connects With Jim Jones on Premium Cannabis Company

Jim Jones' signature CAPO blunts run $25 and include one filled with the new brand's Triple F'n OG strain.

jim n alex

Image via Saucey Farms and Extracts

jim n alex

Celebrity jeweler Alex Todd is expanding his empire to include a premium cannabis company, complete with a signature Jim Jones blunt.


In a statement to Complex ahead of the brand announcement, Todd—who has designed pieces for JAY-Z and Rihanna, among others—pointed to his lifelong "connoisseur" and advocate status in the world of weed as integral to the success of this new chapter.

"I've always considered myself to be a cannabis connoisseur and an advocate for the plant's healing power, so I'm thrilled to finally launch Saucey Extracts and bring this passion project to market," he said. "We're committed to offering high-quality cannabis for a wide range of adult consumers, from novice users to veteran aficionados."


Eight strains of flower will debut at the Hall of Flowers expo in Santa Rosa from April 30. The featured strains include an indica-dominant hybrid dubbed Saucey Cake, the sativa-dominant Watermelon ZkittleZ, and Triple F'n OG, all starting at $60 for an eighth. Pre-rolls—ranging in strain from Mendo Breath to Purple Punch—will run $20.

"I smoke the best, so it only made sense that I partner with the best," Jones, whose CAPO blunt (packed with Triple F'n OG) runs $25, said of the collab. "The way people look at cannabis culture is changing—there's a lot of medical and creative benefits to these plants—so there's an opportunity for us to do something special with Saucey Extracts and change the game."


Also included in the brand's initial lineup is a run of handy all-natural oil cartridges in 11 different varieties, with half-gram cartridges going for $40 and full grams going for $60. Prospective enjoyers can find Saucey items at shops in California including RDC Collective, Cannary West, Mercy Wellness, and the Pottery. Check here for more location and purchasing info.

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