A day which some of us already rightfully consider an informal Kid Cudi International Holiday will now be greatly improved by the existence of an official menu of THC-collaborating food items on the Postmates app.

"Most of the inspiration behind the names on the munchies menu comes from inside jokes with friends and nicknames earned over the years," Cudi said Friday of his 4/20 collab with Postmates. Dubbed the "Munchies Menu," the Cudi-curated offerings include the General Cud Burrito, Thicc Chicken Fries, Crack Pie Slice, the Good Sandwich, and more.

Fans in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles will likely be familiar with the restaurants featured here. The nicknamed menu items pull from Cudi-approved spots like Harold's Chicken Shack, Petite Taqueria, and Milk Bar. See the full rundown of offerings and locations below:

Harold's Chicken Shack (Chicago)

  • Melty Valls of Cheese
  • The Italian Spud
  • Creamy, Crispy, Carb Bites
  • What Kind of Cake?
  • Chicken Lady

Petite Taqueria (Los Angeles)

  • Rockosius Tacos
  • Willy's Nachos
  • General Cud Burrito
  • Double Decker Taco
  • Sweet Baby Churros

Ms Cheezious (Miami)

  • Campfire Desser
  • Fancy Carbs & Cheese
  • The Good Sandwich
  • Sweet Breakfast Dessert
  • Skinny Cheese Potatoes

Hole in the Wall Pizza (San Francisco)

  • Lemme Hit It
  • Cookie Nuggets
  • Lit Pizza
  • Anti-Vampire Bread
  • Thicc Chicken Fries

Milk Bar (New York City)

  • Cornflake/Chocolate Chip/Marshmallow Cookie
  • Greatest Hits Combo
  • The BFC (Best Freaking Cookie) LIFE Cookie
  • Crack Pie Slice
  • Egg & Cheddar Bomb

To be clear, none of these items have been amended to include the beloved plant in question. That part's up to you. Cudi's Munchies Menu is available starting Friday through April 25. When you order from the Cudi menu, you'll also get five free deliveries added to your Postmates account for use during the same timeframe. 

For the 2018 edition of 4/20, Cudi turned to the limitless wonderland known as Taco Bell for nourishment. That year's imitable holiday rundown included Chicken Soft Tacos, Beef Soft Tacos, a Super Quesadilla, and a Chicken Burrito. This year, Cudi will be back at Coachella on the day in question, where he's already been confirmed to have plans for tacos.

Cudi fans may also get some added nourishment this weekend in the form of a Coachella surprise. Though absolutely nothing of the sort has been announced, it's hard to imagine Kanye West's Sunday Service rolling through the campgrounds without some surprise hums guiding the proceedings into greatness.