Video Shows People Hanging in Mid-Air After Amusement Park Ride Malfunctions

A Twitter video shows two riders on an amusement park ride in London's Hyde Park dangling in mid-air after one of the cords on the ride snaps.

Screenshot of video of slingshot ride snapping

Image via Twitter

Screenshot of video of slingshot ride snapping

An alarming video of a slingshot ride in the UK shows the cords of the ride snapping in midair and putting riders in immediate danger. 

The clip also shows riders being strapped into the ride before they’re lifted up and bounce in the sky before one of the cords breaks. The passengers then hit one of the beams attached to the ride, before dangling suspended in the air.

TMZ reports that the well-known slingshot ride, located at Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park, usually propels two people into the air with two cords. In the background of the video, you can hear bystanders gasp when the ride is only holding on from one cord.

“We can confirm that a technical issue involving the reverse bungee occurred on Wednesday evening,” A spokesperson from the park said in a statement to the Daily Mail. “Both riders were safely escorted off the ride, checked by our on-site medics and were not injured.”

“Safety is our highest priority and the ride is closed while further investigation takes place,” the statement continued. “All of our rides undergo rigorous and regular safety checks by experienced members of staff trained in health and safety. We also provide regular training for all staff to ensure our visitors can enjoy a fun and safe experience. All other attractions at Winter Wonderland are operating as normal.”

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