"Disruptive" Passenger Removed From Plane Kicked And Screamed For Over An Hour While Restrained

The passenger was removed in Montreal after his disruption forced its landing.

A "disruptive" passenger was removed from a flight by law enforcement after allegedly kicking and screaming for over an hour after being restrained to his seat by flight attendants.

According to CTV News Toronto, a man on a flight headed from London's Heathrow Airport was removed by Montreal police officers after his disruptions forced an unplanned stop at Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport.

The man was placed in handcuffs and subsequently escorted off the aircraft.

CTV News says the anonymous passenger who submitted the video claimed the man had been restrained to his seat and "kicked and screamed" for about an hour.

“I believe he damaged a seat while he was restrained. A passenger that was near him had to be relocated while this occurred for his safety,” the passenger told CTV News in an email.

A spokesperson for Air Canada issued a statement to the news outlet as well confirming the unplanned detour and the removal of the passenger.

"Authorities met the aircraft and, after the individual was deplaned, it carried on to its final destination of Toronto,” the spokesperson told CTV News.

As of the time of writing, there are no charges laid against the passenger and it's unclear if there will be any in the coming days.

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