More Monoliths Pop Up in Britain, San Luis Obispo, and Near Joshua Tree

At least three more of those somewhat mysterious art projects/publicity stunts/your-best-guess monoliths were put up and discovered over the past few days.

A woman walks by a monolith in Pittsburgh.

Image via Getty/Maranie R. Staab

A woman walks by a monolith in Pittsburgh.

In today's monolith round-up, a trio of somewhat mysterious new structures have been spotted over the past few days on Britain's Isle of Wight, San Luis Obispo, California, and near the Joshua Tree National Park, representing the latest development(s) in a stunt that hopefully has some sort of payoff at some point. 

While it would be nice if the group/copycat-groups behind these (which has probably been solved...keep reading) could've made it a little easier, let us do our best to break this newest batch of info down. 

CNN reports that one was spotted off the Isle of Wight (which sits off the southern coast of England), with a local dog-walker saying "I don't know how it got there and I'm not sure the locals have any good theories either! It's more just quizzical amusement." An owner for the trust that owns the section of the beach it was found on also said they were unaware of who put it up, but that there are no immediate plans for removal. If you've paid any attention to this stuff at all then you're probably aware that the "removal" phase will take care of itself over the next few days. 

Similarly, another monolith was found in Southern California's Joshua Tree National Park. The Most Famous Artist, a group of artists who've taken responsibility for some of the better-made structures, reportedly captioned a post with the following message: "ANOTHER Monolith outside of Joshua Tree. That makes 4. What does it mean?” But that post looks to now be gone

Yet another new one was found in San Luis Obispo, California, with The Los Angeles Times reporting more specifically that it was located in the Los Padres National Forest. This one was discovered by a local named Matt Carver, as well as a group of his friends, with the help of a drone they were shooting footage with.

“When we realized it was a monolith, we started freaking out and flew the drone back, jumped in the truck, drove ASAP to the spot,” Carver said to The Times on Monday, “and then danced around it like idiots for a few minutes.” 

He said that whoever put the 2-foot by 10-foot structure there had to do "a bit of work" to get it in that spot. 

“It’s such a silly thing, but it really made our day,” he added.

This particular monolith included an added symbol unseen on the other monoliths that keep popping up, with that symbol being a red UFO picking up a person above the word "caution." 

Obviously we can't verify if this is all part of the same effort, or if some others are just jumping on the monolith bandwagon. 

In previous monolith news, one was spotted in Romania, another in Pittsburgh (seen in the picture at the top), and another one in San Luis Obispo County's Atascadero, California. That last one was destroyed by five actors authentic citizens chanting "America first" and "Christ is King." Note that while the identities of those who tore it down remain a mystery, the people who put it up have come forward and admitted it was a copycat project. All this came after the first one was spotted in a Utah desert.

Also all of those we just mentioned were taken down shortly after they were put up, with the aforementioned "stunt artist" group taking credit for the Utah one and at least a few others. 

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