36-Year-Old Woman Arrested After Calling '911' Because Her Parents Took Her Off Cell Phone Plan

An Ohio woman was arrested after she called '911' to tell emergency responders her parents kicked her off the phone plan.


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Hammer breaking cell phone.

After receiving a warning to not call 911 unless there's an emergency, a 36-year-old Ohio woman once again punched those three numbers consecutively into her phone to tell responders that her parents had booted her from their cell phone plan. For doing that she was arrested, Cleveland's local ABC affiliate reports.

That woman, Seloni Khetarpal, explained that she called the number again because "she believed it to be a legitimate issue." She was subsequently charged for disrupting public services, which is a fourth-degree felony.

Her arrest took place this past Thursday, February 13. It's not clear what phone she used to reach out to police.

Jail records show that Khetarpal had "repeatedly" called into the dispatch center asking the cops to come to her home because her parents were kicking her off the plan that they pay for. An officer called her on that Thursday evening, around 6 p.m., to tell her not to call the line unless the reason for doing so was legitimate. About two hours after that, Khetarpal is said to have disregarded that advice and called again. 

Jail records further show that she was "belligerent," and that she "stated she believed it to be a legitimate issue.” Khetarpal is a licensed real estate salesperson. 

She was released on $2500 bond, and a preliminary hearing for these charges has been scheduled for February 27.

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