Rudy Giuliani Might Have Been Heard Peeing During His Zoom Arraignment in Trump Election Case

The 79-year-old may have just given "live stream" a whole new meaning.

Rudy Giuliani wearing a dark suit with a red tie
Brandon Bell / Getty Images
Rudy Giuliani wearing a dark suit with a red tie

Did Rudy Giuliani just let an entire courtroom hear him take a whiz? 

Just when you thought Zoom call blunders were left behind in 2020, Giuliani, 79, found a way to make a splash on Tuesday.

The former New York City mayor, along with other allies of former President Donald Trump, was arraigned in Phoenix, Arizona on multiple charges, including conspiracy, fraud, and forgery, CBS News reports

The charges are related to an alleged scheme to submit false electors in the 2020 election favoring Trump despite Joe Biden’s win in Arizona.

Giuliani appeared virtually during the hearing. However, during his arraignment, it appears that Rudy forgot to mute his microphone while going to the bathroom.

Oh my. Rudy Giuliani forgot to turn off his zoom mic when he went to go pee during his arraignment.

— AgonyFlips (@agonyflips) May 21, 2024
Twitter: @agonyflips

A slow but loud stream of droplets could be heard through the call when suddenly Giuliani is heard asking, “Is that me?” before the arraignment continued. Although it's not clear that it was actually Giuliani in the urination station, the timing of the noise was simply not on his side.

Rudy pleaded not guilty of the charges. He didn’t cop a plea for the pee.

Despite filing for bankruptcy last December and getting his America’s Mayor Live podcast at WABC canned earlier this month over his election claims, Giuliani still has another “stream” of income he can rely on: his new line of coffee.

According to the New York Post, the former mayor launched Rudy Coffee on Monday, seemingly in an attempt to overcome his crippling debt and pay for his lengthy court battles.

Made from the “finest beans imaginable,” the coffee line comes in regular, bold, and decaf variations that will run you $29.99.

MAGA grift never ends- Rudy Giuliani selling coffee now. It smells like essence of hair dye and sweat.

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) May 20, 2024
Twitter: @MikeSington

The Post also notes that his podcast was one of his last remaining sources of income, per his lawyers, other than his Social Security Benefits.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t start selling “drip” coffee next.

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