In the final days of Trump's single-term presidency, a number of companies and banks have evidently suddenly developed consciences by cutting ties with the failed steak salesman.

These moves, of course, are largely inspired by the violent (and ultimately fatal) attack on the Capitol which saw MAGA cult members storming the grounds with a slew of Trump-promoting merch after being inspired by continued lies about the 2020 presidential election. Trump, of course, lost that election.

On Tuesday, Trump—sadly, as expected—continued to cower from taking responsibility for the violence. Speaking to reporters, he inaccurately deemed his pre-attack speech as "totally appropriate."

To that end, it's no surprise that many institutions—some of which were quite a surprise—have started backing away from Trump and other MAGA-supporting political figures in recent days. Below, we take a look at a number of key companies and other organizations that have severed their Trump connections in one way or another.