For those of us who were quick to set aside the danger-promoting aspects of our respective selfishness earlier in 2020, the trademarks of the COVID-19 pandemic era—masks, staying the f*ck away from everyone, closely guarding our mental health—have become second nature.

The monotony is so ingrained at this point, in fact, that it feels downright impossible that more than a year has passed since (what would later be determined to be) the very first recorded case of COVID-19 was detected. Still, far too many people—particularly in the U.S.—continue to go about their usual whateverisms as though the pandemic never even happened.

But not only did the pandemic happen, despite what reply guys who use made-up words like "plandemic" and "sheeple" would have you believe, the pandemic remains a trauma that is very much still happening.

Below, we've put together a (continually updated) list of key pandemic news dating back to mid-November of last year.